Cotey Chemical

Ingram Well & Pump Service has been a distributer and is an avid user/believer in this product.

It is the only chemical we trust in our well rehabilitation program. We believe in the product and the people behind it, all striving for a better and environmentally safe way to clean water wells.

For over fifty years, Cotey Chemical has been producing a full product line of chemical solutions to develop and rehabilitate water wells. Cotey Chemical products are used daily across the world in the agricultural, municipal, industrial and residential sectors to increase water production.

If you have a recently completed drilling a well and need assistance removing mud-cake or you have an aging well suffering from algae, calcium scale, oil film, bacteria, rust or other problems, Cotey has a product to meet your needs.

Cotey's chemical products are:

  • Cost effective - It reduces the energy cost to run the pump and it could extend the life of a pump.
  • Easy to handle and apply - Can be applied by non-technical personnel.
  • Safe on equipment - Will not harm the plastic, rubber or metals commonly used in water wells.
  • Environmentally friendly - Will not contaminate the water or harm the aquifer.
  • Easy to use - Can be used without special equipment and can be applied with the pump in the hole.